JEFF HECHT          
Public Relations & Communications Consulting

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Media Relations | Communications Strategy | Brand Positioning | Marketing | Copywriting

"In today’s market, a lot of people say 'I can’t afford public relations and marketing activities.' What they should be saying is 'I can't afford to not be doing any public relations and marketing activities.'”  
- Jeff Hecht


The biggest misconception and block to organizations considering engaging in PR is the price. 

With activity prices starting at $1,500 (yes, you read that right!), price is no longer an excuse for not undertaking a targeted, streamlined and executable communications campaign. 

Need a press release to announce your new business or product line? New stellar website or collateral material copy? A social media communications strategy? Are you having an event which would be perfect to cover on television, radio, print, or internet media?


Long story short, I will work with you to tailor a campaign and pricing which meets your specific needs. So now that nothing is holding you back, let’s get started!


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